GS Prelims Strategy

  • Every week solve at least 1 Prelims test series.
  • Please give full 2 hrs to solve the Prelims test. Plus make sure that you are sitting in an exam like environment.
  • Even after completing the test early, make multiple revision to identify your weak areas.
  • Never ever neglect the static portions and give equal importance to static and current portions.
  • Develop your own strategy in the test series. Don’t use real exam condition to test a new strategy.
  • Mark all the questions which are doubtful and wrong.
  • Read the test synopsis and note down the important points from the synopsis for the revision.
  • Refer the standard textbook for each topic and read the chapter from which questions are asked.
  • Follow the daily current affairs update and prepare a separate notebook to revise.
  • Revise all the notes on monthly basis and increase the frequency of revision in the end.
  • Solve the previous year UPSC exam paper to understand the language and pattern of the questions.
  • Before 1 month of the exam, stop reading new things except for current affairs.
  • Revise every concept two-three times before the exam.
  • Get your sleeping cycle back to normal.
  • Revision, self-belief and good sleep will help you to excel in Prelims.

GS Prelims Scholarship Test Solution