Daily current Affairs/20th January 2019

Five Priority areas of ISRO in 2019


Mission Objective: Three Astronauts will spend 7 days in the orbit.

  • Creation of new human space flight centre (HSFC)
  • ISRO already conducted the Crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment and a Pad Abort Test for the mission.
  • 1st Unmanned mission- Dec 2020
  • 2nd unmanned mission-July 2021
  • Manned Human Space Flight mission by Dec 2021
  • A prototype ‘Advanced Crew Escape Suit’ weighing 13 kg was built by Sure Safety (India) Private Limited based on ISRO’s requirements has been tested and performance verified.
  • Space Food- Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) has worked on the space food for crewed spaceflight and has been conducting trials on G-suit for astronauts as well.
  • Indian Air Force started the screening process of the pilot for this mission
  • Cost of the project- Less than Rs. 10,000 crore.

Challenges- Training astronauts in the space environment. No training facility in India. Need to take help from other nations or develop the training facility.

Outreach programme

  • Student satellites:- ISRO has launched 9 student satellites including KALAMSAT.
  • Samwad with students:- To help the young students of the country identify their scientific temperament, and inspire them to take after their aspirations.
  • Students program summer 2019:- Students from each state will take up project work at ISRO. States to nominate students.
  • UNNATI program:- Train participants on nanosatellite Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT).
  • Incubation centres:- To contribute towards the research and development (R&D) initiatives relevant to the Indian Space Programme.

32 Planned missions

14 launch vehicles and 18 satellites including Chandrayaan-2 mission

Vikram Sarabhai Centenary

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Super Blood moon eclipse will be seen on January 20 and 21. It will be visible around the world except India.

Eclipse: Umbra and Penumbra

What is super blood wolf moon?

Blood Wolf Moon is a lunar eclipse. The moon will appear to glow like a red ball due to scattering and refraction of light around Earth.
Supermoon- The moon will be closer to the Earth than normal. So, it will appear bigger and brighter than usual.

NITI AAyog Vision document- 9% growth rate is essential to generate jobs

A growth rate of 9% is essential to generate enough jobs and achieve universal prosperity.

The ‘Strategy for New India @75’ Vision document recommends multiple steps to achieve the goal such as:

  • Increasing the investment rate from 29% in 2017-18 to about 36% of GDP by 2022-23.
  • Boosting tax to GDP ratio from 17% to around OECD countries level (35%) by reducing tax compliance burden and increasing use of technology.
  • Reforming agriculture- Making farmers agripreneurs Replacing the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Act with the Agricultural Produce and Livestock Marketing (APLM) Act, creation of a unified national market (e NAM), a freer export regime and abolition of the Essential Commodities Act, promotion of Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF), etc.
  • Codifying labour laws.

This will raise the economy’s size in real terms from $2.7 trillion in 2017-18 to nearly $4 trillion by 2022-23.

Besides having rapid growth, it is also necessary to ensure that growth is inclusive, sustained, clean and formalised.

Source: The Hindu (Click here)

4. E-Drishti Software:

An ‘e-Drishti’ interface has been unveiled for the Union Railway Ministry.

About E-Drishti Software

Developed by:- Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS).

  • It includes an interface which provides summary information on punctuality of trains for the previous day, information on current train running on the Indian Railway network.
  • It provides details of freight earning, freight loading and passenger earnings for the previous day, month and year, in comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Source: PIB (Click here)

SEBI Regulations and their attempt to limit Insider Trading

SEBI lays down mechanism to prevent insider trading on the recommendations of the TK Viswanathan committee.

What is Insider Trading

Defnition:- Insider trading is the buying or selling of a security by someone who has access to nonpublic information about the security. Insider trading can be illegal or legal depending on when the insider makes the trade. It is illegal when the material information is still nonpublic.

Mechanism to prevent insider trading

  • According to SEBI Promoters will be held responsible for a violation of insider trading norms, if they possess unpublished price-sensitive information (UPSI) regarding the company without any “legitimate purpose”.
  • Legitimate purpose – Sharing of the UPSI by an insider with partners, collaborators, lenders, customers, suppliers, merchant bankers, legal advisors, auditors, insolvency professionals or other advisers or consultants, provided that such sharing has not been carried out to evade or circumvent the prohibitions of these regulations.
  • The board of directors to maintain a digital database containing the names of such persons or entities with whom the information is shared.
  • A promoter who does not hold any position on the board will not be considered a person having “Legitimate Purpose” to hold UPSI.
  • Advisers who need access to UPSI, needs to be informed that the information shared with them is insider information and they should apply it only for the purpose meant.
  • Identification data of recipients must be maintained.

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