Reference material for Anthropology optional

Socio-cultural Anthropology

Meaning and scope of Anthropology and its main branches: (1) Social-Cultural Anthropology, (2) Physical Anthropology, (3) Archaeological Anthropology, (4) Linguistic Anthropology, (5) Applied Anthropology.

  1. IGNOU material is good and comprehensively made by experts, so don’t miss it.
  2. Any basic materials such as
    1. Anthropology Simplified for UPSC Mains- Dr Vivek Dattatraya Bhasme (Preview)
    2. Anthropology Optional Printed Notes Braintree For IAS Exam by G.S.Karthik (Preview)
    3. IAS Optional Anthropology MUNIRATNAM Printed Notes (Preview)
  3. An Introduction of Social Cultural Anthropology – N.K Vaid (Preview)
  4. Introducing Sociology – NCERT Class 11 (Preview)

Youtube videos for better understanding:

Margaret Mead:

Definition of Marriage:

Video Link- Click here

Sociology v/s Anthropology:

Video Link- Click here

History v/s Anthropology:

Video Link- Click here

Marriage Payments and Reciprocity:

Formalists v/s Substantivists debate:

Biological Anthropology and physical anthropology from Meaning & Scope to genetics:

  • IGNOU material has very good information.
  • Outlines of Physical Anthropology- B.M. Das (Preview)
  • You can search in youtube about all the concepts of physical anthropology for better understanding as well as for diagrams.
  • Diagrams from Kirti chekuri (14th ranked in UPSC-2014) from online

Video Links on Human Evolution: 

Evolutionary Changes in Skull:

Is Inbreeding Harmful?

Pedigree Analysis

Watch Youtube video: Click here

Definition of Primates:

Watch Youtube video: Click here

Tribal India:

  • Tribal India – Nadeem Hasnain (Preview)
  • Xaxa Committee Report
  • Ministry of Tribal Affairs website

Tribal committee report:

Download Link: Click here

Tribal and Marginalized Communities – January 2014 edition of Yojana.

Tribal documentaries:

  • Mein Bhi Bharath documentaries from RSTV. (Preview)

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